Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Best International Tea would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day!

We also extend our deepest gratitude for those who have given their lives so that we may be free to live ours. They made the ultimate sacrifice to protect liberty! We are also very proud of all of our veterans and current servicemen and women who keep America safe.

Let's raise a glass of iced tea to them on this warm Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prepping for the Big Show!

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Broadway show or a big festival knows that there is a lot of work done behind the scenes to make the finished product beautiful and entertaining. Of course when the prep is well done, it makes the finished product look effortless!

Behind the scenes work at a trade show is no different. Like hundreds of other exhibitors, we are busy preparing for our World Tea Expo debut, coming up June 1-3 in Las Vegas, Nevada! A show of this magnitude is a huge undertaking for World Tea Media to put on, getting the expo center to hold many exhibitor booths and attendees, preparing individual booths, signage, ticketing, refreshments and so much more.

For us, the prep starts months in advance, as our Best International Tea team brainstorms about what message we want to deliver at the upcoming show. We think about what worked and didn't work at previous shows and make long lists of what we will need to bring to the next event. This includes everything from our tea to sample and sell to booth decor to paper towels!

With the World Tea Expo being all the way out in Vegas, we have to ship all of our supplies out ahead of time. This week we are packing everything up — packaging it carefully, of course — and getting it ready to ship out in a big crate. Our supplies will be waiting for us when we arrive in Las Vegas and we'll unload it and make our booth look as wonderful as our tea tastes.

We can't wait to share our tea and make new friends this year at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas!

Friday, May 11, 2012

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Happy Friday fellow tea lovers!

Our S.D. Bell teas may be 125 years old, but we are very much in the 21st century! We'd love it if our readers on here would "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

More on Tea and Health

Happy Monday readers!

In keeping with the theme of tea's health benefits, here's another article from SELF magazine via

Here's a brief excerpt, click here to read the rest.
Java junkies, this blog’s for you: As a coffee lover myself, I would never suggest giving it up entirely, but it’s worth considering trading a cup or two a day for a different brew—tea. As with coffee, the caffeine in some teas is linked with reducing your risk for certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and more, and tea contains antioxidants and other disease-fighting compounds. But research now suggests that certain teas boast special perks, which means you can select the specific leaves that can help you reach your personal health goals! Customize your cup today with one of these good-for-you sips.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Toast to Your Health ... With Tea!

Okay back to those wonderful health benefits of tea! Here are some specific ailments that tea has been shown to positively impact:

Heart Health:
Current research shows that drinking tea can offer significant heart benefits from reducing heart attack risk to lowering bad cholesterol. A Harvard study found that those who drank a cup or more of black tea every day had a 44% reduced risk of heart attack. Further, a six-year study from the Netherlands found a 70% lower risk of fatal heart attack in people who drank at least two to three cups of black tea daily. Additional studies have found that tea drinkers also have lower blood pressure.

Cancer Prevention:
The antioxidants found in tea combat free radicals that can contribute to the growth of abnormal, cancerous cells. One recent study found tea drinkers to have a 42% reduced risk of colon cancer compared to non-tea drinkers. Additionally, the consumption of black tea has been associated with significantly reducing the risk of the most common form of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma.

Neurological Benefits:
A study featuring 30,000 adults found that drinking three or more cups of tea per day was associated with a 69% reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Tea also contains theanine, an amino acid unique to tea that may help prevent age-related memory decline.

Additional Benefits:
• Tea has less caffeine than coffee: Tea has on average 30-40 mg of caffeine per cup compared to 135 mg for coffee, making it a great alternative if java gives you jitters, headaches or indigestion
• Tea protects your bones: Tea drinkers who drank tea for 10 or more years had the strongest bones, when compared to non-tea drinkers
• Tea helps with you maintain a healthy weight: Tea has no calories, unless you add sweetener or milk and it also helps keep you hydrated