Monday, January 30, 2012

Tea Reviews!

We love sharing our tea and have enjoyed sending samples to tea reviewers all over the country.

We'll be sharing some of the reviews we've gotten this year, starting with a very positive response from Lainie over at She definitely knows tea and we were thrilled with how much she enjoyed our English Breakfast Tea. Here's a sample:
"I then allowed the tea to steep for six minutes before decanting. Viola! I had a flavorful cup of tea (malty with a slight citrus backnote from the Ceylon) that was still smooth but also had a bit of astringency and kick. Good stuff. In fact, I’ve come to find it quite addictive: I’m normally a Chinese black tea enthusiast, but this is a great alternative to a Yunnan or Keemun in the morning."
And the full review can be read here.

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