Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prepping for the Big Show!

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Broadway show or a big festival knows that there is a lot of work done behind the scenes to make the finished product beautiful and entertaining. Of course when the prep is well done, it makes the finished product look effortless!

Behind the scenes work at a trade show is no different. Like hundreds of other exhibitors, we are busy preparing for our World Tea Expo debut, coming up June 1-3 in Las Vegas, Nevada! A show of this magnitude is a huge undertaking for World Tea Media to put on, getting the expo center to hold many exhibitor booths and attendees, preparing individual booths, signage, ticketing, refreshments and so much more.

For us, the prep starts months in advance, as our Best International Tea team brainstorms about what message we want to deliver at the upcoming show. We think about what worked and didn't work at previous shows and make long lists of what we will need to bring to the next event. This includes everything from our tea to sample and sell to booth decor to paper towels!

With the World Tea Expo being all the way out in Vegas, we have to ship all of our supplies out ahead of time. This week we are packing everything up — packaging it carefully, of course — and getting it ready to ship out in a big crate. Our supplies will be waiting for us when we arrive in Las Vegas and we'll unload it and make our booth look as wonderful as our tea tastes.

We can't wait to share our tea and make new friends this year at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas!

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