Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keep Calm & Brew a Cuppa

Tea is not only a great individual soother, but also a relationship-builder.

A fun study out of Ireland shows that 80 percent of Irish people think tea is a source of comfort and 84 percent drink it when they are trying to relax and unwind. Because tea is so important to individuals, it also brings a deeper value to relationships when it is shared. The study also showed that 57 percent of people feel that someone truly knows them if they make them a cup of tea to their liking.

Dr Eddie Murphy, Clinical Psychologist said, “Small courtesies, warm smiles and making a cup of tea the way someone likes it, shows recognition and awareness - that you care about them.
“When people make tea for someone they’re making an emotional connection which in turn increases fondness and trust, thus enabling the relationship to grow and develop.”

So in addition to making you feel relaxed and calm yourself, a cup of tea might just strengthen a friendship too!

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