Saturday, February 4, 2012

Toast to Your Health with Tea!

We liked this great article from Fitness Magazine, via Yahoo, regarding the health benefits of tea.

Below is an excerpt about black tea, read the whole article here.

Black Tea
What it tastes like
: Strong, earthy, astringent
The health benefits: It helps prevent heart disease and ovarian cancer.
The science behind it: Drinking three or more cups of black tea a day can reduce your risk of heart attack by 11 percent, British researchers recently reported after reviewing 14 years' worth of studies.
Black and green tea also protect against one of the deadliest cancers for women. Sipping just one cup every day will lower your risk of ovarian cancer by 24 percent; having a second cup will lower your risk by 46 percent, according to a Swedish study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. That's because the polyphenols in the tea may inhibit the growth of or even help destroy ovarian cancer cells, says study author Susanna Larsson, PhD. 

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