Monday, February 27, 2012

Coffee & Tea NY Festival Recap

“I think tea drinkers are the most wonderful people; they’re thoughtful, they want to learn, they want to share experiences. They sip it here, it’s just a wonderful thing to see,” said Amy Milo.
That's such a great quote from our co-founder, Amy Milo, when asked to reflect upon the Coffee & Tea NY Festival that we attended this past weekend, Feb. 25-26. The Best International Tea crew had a great time exhibiting at the event, which was attended by a staggering 5000 people! The event was a delightful celebration of all things coffee, tea and more. The people in attendance had such a desire to learn more about not only about S.D. Bell, but also about the tea growing, processing and brewing process for all teas.

We had so much fun sharing the story of Best International Tea and SD Bell with the crowd and went through nearly 15 gallons of tea giving out samples! That's A LOT of tea. Even more so, we enjoyed touring the other exhibitors' booths and being in such a warm, welcome environment with others who are just as passionate about tea (and coffee!) as we are.

This article has a little more about the show. We hope to post more news from the event as it comes.


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