Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Best International Tea has been featured in the March issue of Inside New Jersey Magazine. The writer, Karen Prager, does a wonderful job telling our story from the very beginning! I think you'll enjoy getting to know quite a bit more about our founders, Rob and Amy Milo, and the many, many interests they have in addition to tea!

Though it really has not been very long since our intrepid tea undertaking began, Rob & Amy's love of tea runs deep and this is article is a fine retrospective.

Here's a brief excerpt, enjoy the rest of the article by clicking here.
The life that he does have has allowed Milo and his wife, Amy, to do a great deal of traveling over the 46 years they’ve been married.

The Chatham couple’s latest business, Best International Tea, grew out of their many trips to London and their affection for the pleasant ritual of afternoon tea.

“Amy would tell me, ‘We’re not having lunch — we’ll do teatime,’” Milo says. His wife’s favorite tearoom is Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly, and she is also fond of the Claridge’s and the Brown’s Hotel afternoon teas.

From every trip to London, Amy would bring back “plain, black tea — always loose,” she says.

The couple’s longtime friend, Penni Garcia, “knows good tea,” says Milo, and “when she visited her auntie in Belfast, she brought us back some tea.”

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