Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brew Do's: Drink Tea Like Local

Tea etiquette is a big part of culture abroad and it can be an awkward situation if a traveler is unfamiliar with local custom. That's why we love this article from the Wall Street Journal that teaches you how to drink tea like a local, wherever you might be!

Here are some snippets on how to blend in abroad and a link to the full article with more tips here.

In Turkey ... only use sugar in your tea, no milk or cream

In China ... make sure to pour your guests tea before yours and try tapping twice on the table (mimics a double bow) to say "thank you" after a cup is poured for you

Tea time in Japan can take hours. Don't have time? Try a cup of green tea (without milk or sugar) from a restaurant or cafe.

Don't be intimidated by "high tea" in Britain - it's not really formal and started as a working class meal. Afternoon tea is the proper term for this late-day pick me up.

In Germany ... if your tea is served in layers of sugar, tea, milk, etc - don't stir it, enjoy it as is.

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