Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tea Party Mistakes to Avoid

Last week we shared some great tips for a successful tea party and we hope you are all able to put them to good use! Of course to go along with our tea party "do's" there's also some real "don'ts" and we have those for you this week. These relate mainly to a children's tea party, though some rules still translate to adults.

Here are some tea party planning mistakes to avoid, courtesy of

1. Planning a tea party for a child who is too young: Little children are just too young to really enjoy and appreciate a tea party. Try waiting until they are at least five years old.

2. Inviting too many guests: In many cases, the more the merrier, but if there are too many children (or adults) running around, it will be hard for anyone to relax and enjoy their tea. A smaller group also keeps costs down.

3. Not setting a time limit for your party: Anywhere between one and a half and two hours is plenty of time for your first tea party.

4. Not involving your child in the party planning: Involving your child in the planning will increase her interest and desire to host events again and again. Let her help choose and address invitations and accept RSVP calls. The two of you can also plan the menu and activities together as well as any party favors.

5. Overdoing the menu: Keep your menu simple yet special and don't forget that children's tastes are less sophisticated than adults. Scones, cookies and tea sandwiches are great, but make them in kid-friendly varieties and don't worry about making everything from scratch.

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