Friday, November 2, 2012

More About the Benefits of Tea

First things first — we hope all of our readers are safe and sound after the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has inflicted upon the East coast. We are based in New Jersey and really feel for the people in our state facing so many challenges and for our neighbors in NY and CT.  Once everything is back to normal, we hope everyone can decompress and unwind with a nice warm cup of tea — or if they can get their hands on one now, we promise it helps! 

In the meantime, we wanted to share yet another great article from the Washington Post about the benefits of tea. The fifth annual International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health was held on Sept. 19 and results from some recent studies were shared. The bottom line was that just about every single cell in the human body could potentially benefit from tea, with virtually no downsides.

All true tea (white, green, oolong and black - not herbals) comes from the Carmellia sinensis plant, which is composed of about one-third flavenoids, which are highly-beneficial to human cells. Professor Jeffrey Blumberg, chair of the symposium, said that "a serving of tea is like adding a serving of fruits or vegetables to your diet."

Here are some of the proven benefits of tea (the full article lists more):

It helps your heart
by keeping blood vessels unclogged and flexible. Blood pressure and stroke risk were reduced in epidemiological and clinical studies (even with sugar added).

It improves bone health. After drinking four to six cups of green tea daily for six months, post-menopausal women with low bone mass (osteopenia) achieve improvement in bone strength and muscle mass.

It can help your thinking. Tea helps your brain receive better blood flow and oxygen, reducing stress and inflammation, which results in improved cognitive function.

It can help you lose weight. Not only does tea have fewer calories than most beverages (zero without milk and sugar), but certain compounds in tea, and especially green tea, have been found to burn body fat.

Check out the full article for seven great tips for tea drinkers who want to improve their health!

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