Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Tea Recipes

I've posted some interesting uses for tea in the past including some fun tea-infused cocktails! Since it's Thanksgiving week, I was excited to come across this board on Yummly featuring great ways to include tea in your feast.

A freshly brewed pot of tea is certainly a great complement to your dessert course. You can also use tea in baking desserts, breads and other dinner recipes — including sauces and seasonings for your turkey! The Yummly board includes gourmet tea-food fusions such as tea-poached pears, orange tea brined turkey, cranberry tea cake. We like all the unique harvest-themed beverages you can add to your holiday table including hot mulled tea, green tea cranberry punch, holiday spiced tea, pomegranate mar-tea-ni and more.

Enjoy perusing these recipes and hopefully you'll enjoy adding a taste of tea to your Thanksgiving dinner.

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