Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cooking with Tea - Gourmet Tea Recipes

It’s always fun to find new ways to use our favorite product – tea! This slideshow from Sunset.com features 10 great food recipes that feature tea as a primary ingredient to add flavor and fragrance to the dish.

Highlights include:
Smoked Duck utilizing the smoky, rich flavors of Lapsang Souchong instead of a traditional smoker

Darjeeling Dashi – make this traditional Japanese dashi (soup stock) with Darjeeling tea as a featured ingredient

Black Tea Sorbet – This recipe calls for using Black tea to add flavor to a fruit sorbet. Our Raspberry Black tea is great for a fruity dessert like this

Jasmine Chicken Soup with Green Tea Soba – Green tea is used in the making of the Soba for this soup. Our Gunpowder Green would be a great, gentle tea to use in this recipe

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