Monday, October 22, 2012

A Night of Tea, Friendship and Learning

Last month we headed over to nearby Ana Beall's Tea Room in Westfield, N.J. for a tea tasting event.
The two of us who represented Best International Tea had never been to a formal tea tasting so it was a great opportunity for us to learn more about various varieties of tea and share our product with the other guests.

Nancy Baker, the owner of Ana Beall's, is extremely knowledgeable about tea and she put together a great program that included tasting six different teas in a progression from the lightest White Tea to a strong Pue'rh. In between we tried Green, Oolong and two different Black Teas including our English Breakfast tea. Nancy's method included a full sensory evaluation of the tea that included passing it around for everyone to experience the appearance and aroma of the dry leaf, smelling and tasting of the brewed tea and finally appearance and aroma of the infused leaf.

We learned a lot about tea harvesting and processing over in China and India from Nancy as well as one of the attendees who grew up in India. She gave us some great firsthand insight into how the tea plantations work.

Ana Beall's offers a large variety of teas and has delicious food and sweets. They also host tasting events like this and cooking courses throughout the year. We highly recommend paying them a visit if you are in the area! Check out their website here.

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