Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tea After Dark

There's been a lot of fun discussion lately about the use of tea in cocktails. Teas contain so many unique flavors that infusing them into alcoholic beverages can make for some unique tasting beverages. While it's not a new idea — it dates back to the British Empire — bartenders and restauranteurs are taking it to a new level.

Some interesting new takes include an Earl Grey MarTEAni, black tea infused cognac and fruit flavored tea spiked with champagne.

“When it comes to infusing tea into a cocktail, there are actually myriad ways to accomplish this,” suggested tea sommelier Chris Cason, co-founder of Tavalon Tea. “But also, it is important to remember that any good cocktail is about balance, and you don’t want to pair a light tea with a strong spirit or it will overpower it and vice versa.”

Here are a few suggestions for your own tea-based adult beverages:
- Make tea as you normally would and use it as the mixer: warm for a hot toddy or cold for a cool beverage
- Steep tea leaves in the alcohol itself, but not for longer than 45 minutes
- Tea-infused simple syrups can be made my brewing tea then adding sugar and melting it together

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