Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Plus for Black Tea

It seems like we always touting the benefits of black tea but the good news just keeps rolling in for our favorite beverage. The latest study notes that black tea enhances relaxation and mental focus.

 Multiple studies by the Lipton Institute of Tea revealed that drinking a few cups of tea a day increased alertness and enhanced daily activities. After drinking two to three cups of tea, participants improved performance across all attention tasks and felt an increased sense of alertness.

Researchers attributed the key ingredients in black tea — Theanine, Caffeine and flavanoids — help improve the ability to focus attention. "Attention is an essential aspect of cognitive functioning in that it allows us to process a combination of continuous and complex information," said researcher Dr. Jane Rycroft. "Hence, the attention benefits of tea are very relevant to everyday life."

Read more about this study here and brew a cuppa for your brain today!

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