Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bagged vs. Loose Tea - Is it All the Same?

There's some debate over the flavor and quality of bagged tea versus loose teas. While we are partial to loose teas, we do carry seven flavors of bagged teas and think if the product is of a high quality, it can taste just as delightful.

Because of its convenience, bagged tea is by far the more popular format in the United States — it is quick and easy to brew and it's portable. New products are entering the market daily and with unique flavors such as fruit-infused green teas or unique takes on traditional black tea, the market is becoming saturated. Bagged tea is available for purchase nearly everywhere you go, from the grocery store to the convenience store.

Loose tea, however, can be more difficult to find — tea stores or specialty grocers are most likely to carry it — and takes a little longer to brew. One must measure out the tea and use a strainer or special tea pot to catch the loose leaves. However, it's widely accepted that the flavor of loose tea is just plain better. The larger leaves hold up much better to the hot water and infuse it with a richer flavor than the smaller bits that fill tea bags.

We are excited about the new trend of larger tea bags, often triangular shaped, that hold much larger leaves than the bits in traditional tea bags. There's a place for loose and bagged teas in our lives — for when we have the time to brew or when we're really on the go! And the bottom line, as long as you are drinking quality tea like our S.D. Bell teas, you can't go wrong with loose leaf or bags.

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